The Reason Why I Created A Home Textile Brand

What makes a house a home?

Several years ago, I bought a new house for my parents. After countless months of hard work, the renovation was finally ended. After all the hammering stopped, the new house was bright and beautiful, although awfully quiet.

We began to dress it with colorful fabrics just like a mom dressing up her own apple daughter. In the months that have since passed, the whole house has becoming a gracious and relaxing place where all of us can share our laughter and tears.

Let’s cut to the cheese, a house is a space built by bricks and stones while a home is where you and your loved ones lived together, or to be exact, home is the carrier of our emotional experiences like love and happiness.

Soft furnishing is a way to express our love and care for our loved ones. Every piece of fabric in our home has witnessed how we and our family loved each other truly and deeply.

Decorating my home with beautiful fabrics and other arts and crafts is my hobby, I felt a sense of belonging during this process. I am addicted to interior furnishing, here comes the name HOLIC, which means someone who loves something with enthusiasm.

Let’s put it together:

Every Home Begins With H. Holic Home Textile™, Brings Love And Happiness Into Your House.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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I've been buying duvet cover sets from HOLIC HOME TEXTILE™ since 2013. I like their design and the comfortable feeling.
Mila Kunit

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We only produce home textiles with 100% natural/organic materials!

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